I’ve been running for about 2 weeks on Jekyll now. I spent about 2 hours during that week cleaning out some glitches and doing some more tuning.


The permalinks where not as I wanted them to be, and they were not compatible with the Wordpress permalinks I used. As a consequences, internal links were not resolved correctly.

That was easily solved by using the following in _config.yaml:

permalink:        "/:year/:month/:title/"

Markdown and Rake

I improved the writing workflow as well…

First off, having posts in Markdown format is nice and doing the configuration using YAML is even better. Just adding an option featured: true in the YAML frontmatter of a post makes sure it ends up in the Featured section of the site.

One slight disadvantage of the whole text-based publishing approach is the naming of the files and providing the YAML frontmatter. This is where Rake comes in. Rake is similar to GNU Make. I started off with the default Rakefile provided by the Notepad theme I’m using and modified it slightly. Creating a new post is now as simple as:

rake new['Title of the post']

Unfortanetely, that didn’t work for me. Turned out, it’s zsh being too eager interpreting what I type in the shell. This solves it:

noglob rake new['Title of the post']

So now, I just have to open the file created by this command and write.


I’ve been using Alfred for a couple of years now, in the beginning just as an application launcher but slowly using more and more of its features. While writing for the blog, I especially like the search keywords. Just pressing Alt-Space and symple typing google <searchterm> brings up a chrome tab with the result of the Google search. The same can be done for Github searches, etc.

This significantly speeds up writing when adding links to pages.


I ported the comments from the old Wordpress site to Disqus. I was very much impressed by the result. Just point Disqus to the Wordpress XML export file (first cleaned up by running lint on it) and BOOM. Comments added like they were before, connected to the right post.

Local and Hithub config

For local hosting (using Jekyll server) and Github hosting, you need different settings for the url in _config.yaml.

I documented this on the Tips and Tricks page.