I’ve long been tempted to recreate my website using Jekyll. I had already been experimenting with it for a course website. But now I finally made the switch for my homepage.

For the migration of the content from Wordpress to Jekyll itself, I used a tool called exitwp. It works really well, especially if you follow up the recommendation to use xmllint to check the XML generated by Wordpress.

For the styling, I used a theme called Notepad and tweaked it a bit.

Oh, and did I tell you Github Pages rock? Testing the site generation locally is easy using Jekyll serve and basically by just putting it on Github you get a website. No hosting costs involved!

There’s still some work to be done, but the content is there. For the time being, the old website can be reached via its IP address.


  • I still have to migrate the comments
  • Work a bit more on styling, especially for code
  • Rework the categories
  • Add some featured articles, which the Notepad theme has support for.