Data Intuitive

At Data Intuitive, we consult and work in all things related to (Big) Data Science and its applications. We have worked in different industries (banking, government, R&D, …).

Predicting the future is hard, but experience, some cognitive science and a bit of math can help a great deal. Whether it be to advise on choices to make, investments to do, targets to set, and so on. Data Intuitive can ask the right questions.

Data Science and Analytics

Risks and Decisions

Data Science offers a nice blend of statistics, mathematics and technology. No wonder so many physicists are attracted to it... Especially with large amounts of data (Big Data), doing something useful with it tends to be hard. It requires knowledge and experience in different fields and disciplines:

When we consider the world around us as a Monte Carlo simulation, lots of interesting questions arise. When you combine this with cognitive sciences, things become even more interesting. The implications that follow have a big impact on all aspects of life, being it as an individual or on a larger scale (organization, governments, etc.)

  • Statistics and Machine Learning
  • Programming (R, Python, Scala, ...)
  • Visualization
  • Software Development
  • Data Structures
  • ...
  • How are decisions made?
  • What are risks? How to avoid them?
  • What are fat tails? How do they affect us?
  • How to measure performance
  • ...

Some practical questions and doubts an organization may deal with:

We are doing the Big Data thing, but the insights we hoped for remain unknown.

We have invested millions in better reporting and analytics, but it seems we don’t know our customers better than we used to.

We have set SMART goals for all of our staff, but they their productivity has not significantly improved.

We bought a lot of infrastructure/hardware recently in order to make our infrastructure redundant, only to find out we have more severe outages now than ever before.

We have invested in software that predicts customer behaviour based on past records. We have the impression that the intrinsic model is wrong, but we have no way to show it and the supplier has figures to prove it works.

The development of our new website turned out to cost double of the initially estimated amount, but still the former one was better.

The support contract with our supplier was supposed to be airtight, but still he is able to do a crappy service at a high cost.

We are running a strategic project that is currently running over budget, we don’t want to stop it because we spent a lot of effort already.