Writing Workflow and Reproducible Data Analysis

Reproducible Data Analysis

Toni Verbeiren


September 24, 2014

I’ve been writing about my writing workflow before. Since some aspects of it are related to reproducible research and especially reproducible data analysis, I have collected some material and tips in a presentation I gave last week on my Github:


One aspect that I did not yet mention there, is how I approach this on my Mac. This depends a little bit on what type of text I’m writing. Data analysis is usually done within RStudio. It has very good functionality for generating PDFs and the like, but I still prefer my own Makefile and knitr/Pandoc combination.

Less technical texts are usually writing using iAWriter, but sometimes also in Sublime Text. iAWriter by default has support for Markdown, Sublime Text can be configured with a very good Markdown plugin. I use Marked for previewing, proof-reading, etc.