Data Intuitive at Spark Summit 2016

Data Science

October 26, 2016

Short version

No, I’m not at the spark summit in Brussels. Time is not on my side, too much things to do.

But, being there is not necessary when other people make sure they do the publicity for you.

Thank you Miel Hostens!

Longer version

About two years ago, I gave a presentation at the first Spark Meetup in Belgium. It’s when I met Miel. I think it is fair to say that the architecture and application I was describing back then (and which is still under active development) made Miel realize that what he wanted to achieve was possible.

The talk used to be available as a video, but the link is no longer active. The slides, however, can be fetched here.

Miel and I have stayed in contact. I’m happy he can get his message across. And I’m happy of course I have played a role in this.