Join Data Intuitive, a hub for passionate individuals eager to innovate in bioinformatics and data science, offering diverse, challenging projects.

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Collaborate on innovative projects

Are you passionate about research and development, and eager to contribute to the cutting-edge fields of bioinformatics and data science? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Data Intuitive, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of IT innovation in biotech. Join our team and embark on a journey where you can make a real difference while working on diverse and challenging projects.

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Data Intuitive’s Key Values

Solve Challenging IT Problems

Our team addresses specific industry challenges, such as the development of advanced data analytics tools and the creation of efficient biotech data pipelines, using a stable, in-house developed method. We provide extensive in-house training to ensure our team is well-equipped for a wide variety of projects.

Experience a distinctive culture

At Data Intuitive, we foster a collaborative and innovative working culture that champions open-source technology, sustainability, well-being, and continuous innovation. Embracing the flexibility of teleworking, our environment values continuous learning and mutual support, ensuring that each individual can grow professionally while contributing to meaningful advancements in the biotech data field.

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Join us to experience a blend of challenging, impactful work within a supportive and collaborative team atmosphere at Data Intuitive. Here, your role goes beyond overcoming challenges; it's about creating meaningful, lasting solutions. Additionally, make a significant societal impact by engaging in meaningful collaborations with our non-profit clients, bridging data science expertise with social good.

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Transform your data workflows with Data Intuitive’s complete support from start to finish.

Our team can assist with defining requirements, troubleshooting, and maintaining the final product, all while providing end-to-end support.

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