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Are you a Master's or Bachelor's student in Computer Science or Bioinformatics? Join our biotech revolution: Learn, innovate, and excel in creating data workflows. Your pathway to academic and professional greatness starts here.

Unleash Your Biotech Potential

Master Thesis Empowerment

Embark on a challenging master thesis journey with us, harnessing the power of data workflows in biotech. Our expert mentorship transforms academic pursuits into industry-ready skills.

Data Pipeline Internships

Delve into the dynamic world of data pipeline development through our internships. Acquire hands-on skills in pipeline development and Viash, bridging the gap between academic and practical application.

Student Jobs

We invite Master's students with a Bachelor's in Bioinformatics to join our team via a student job. This role offers practical experience in developing and adapting tools for Viash, enhancing our biobase toolbox.

Bioinformatics Working

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Transform your data workflows with Data Intuitive’s complete support from start to finish.

Our team can assist with defining requirements, troubleshooting, and maintaining the final product, all while providing end-to-end support.

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