DI’s Sustainability and Wellness Initiative


February 6, 2023

Sustainable Telework: A Plan for a Better Future

As a telework-based company, Data Intuitive is committed to promoting both sustainability and the well-being of its employees. With the support of Ready2improve and Axudo, the company is developing a comprehensive personal health and sustainability plan in collaboration with its employees. Through organized group sessions during team-building days, the company and its partner aim to foster discussions and generate ideas for a better telework future.

One of the difficulties faced by a fully remote company is fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among employees. To address this, the company explores different work methods and leverages technology to create a virtual environment that mimics the experience of working together in one large shared space. Teleworking also helps reduce commute emissions, promote sustainability, and support personal well-being through flexible work arrangements. The plan places a strong emphasis on open-source technology and support for non-profit scientific organizations, further reinforcing Data Intuitive’s commitment to sustainability.

This effort showcases Data Intuitive’s dedication to sustainability and well-being, and its aim to create a better future for both its employees and the planet.

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