Viash Basics Demo


See demo

Watch our screencast demonstration to see the getting started script of in action.

Quickstart example project

To get up and running fast, we provide a template project for you to use. It contains three components, which are combined into a Nextflow pipeline as follows:

graph TD
   START(input: file?.tsv) --> X[vsh_flatten] 
   X --file1.tsv--> B1[/remove_comments/] --> C1[/take_column/] --> Y
   X --file2.tsv--> B2[/remove_comments/] --> C2[/take_column/] --> Y
   Y[vsh_toList] --> D[/combine_columns/]
   D --> STOP(output)

This pipeline takes one or more TSV files as input and stores its output in an output folder.

Here is a CLI screencast demo:

More details on Quickstart on documentation site

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