High-throughput RNA sequencing

Client Project

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Data Intuitive recently undertook a successful project for an undisclosed client in the top 10 pharma R&D. In this project, we co-developed a high-throughput RNA sequencing pipeline using our powerful and versatile tool, Viash. The goal was to streamline the processing and analysis of large-scale RNA sequencing data, allowing the client to extract valuable insights from their experiments efficiently and accurately.

An early implementation was developed using an approach that was hard to maintain and did not scale well.

Implementation and Customization with Viash

Our team of experts leveraged Viash’s modular approach to create a customized and optimized pipeline tailored to the client’s specific requirements. Due to the fact that we create Nextflow-compatible modules and pipelines using Viash, we could leverage Nextflow’s ability to run on a cluster and thus scale the processing.

Throughout the development process, we prioritized reproducibility and scalability, ensuring that the pipeline could handle increasing volumes of data without compromising data quality or performance. As a result, the client now benefits from an advanced pipeline, empowering them to conduct cutting-edge research and accelerate their discoveries in a number of applications while still actively extending it to new application domains.

Confidentiality and Impact

Due to confidentiality agreements, we are unable to disclose the specific details of the client or the project, but we are proud to have played a crucial role in advancing their scientific endeavors.

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