Viash Hub Pro

Discover a dedicated company platform designed to enhance your research efficiency and collaboration.

Professional Research Collaboration, Sequence analyses, Scalable Biotech Research Technologies, Efficient Pharma Data Processing, computational biology tools

Support For Enterprise Biotech R&D.

Viash Hub Pro

Discover a dedicated company platform designed to enhance your research efficiency and collaboration. Protect your IP and seamlessly develop, create, share, and reuse modular data workflows to accelerate scientific breakthroughs.

Available end 2024

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Viash Hub Pro Modular building blocks


Ready for Industry

A private, protected platform of Viash Hub, as a service or on premise, tailored for industry and your environment offers enhanced security and specialized support

Secure Collaboration

A secure collaboration envrionment of sensitive data and workflows, while ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and protecting intellectual property.

Priority Support

Data Intuitive offers expert support and discounts for open-source and non-profits. It facilitates direct communication with specialists through a dedicated Slack Pro channel for enhanced collaboration.

Long Term

Viash Hub serves as a centralized repository for computational knowledge, making it easy for managers to access, view and manage valuable resources, research components, and pipeline versions.

Viash Hub Pro Options

Viash Hub options is a public platform with numerous open-source packages readily available. If your modules or pipelines are open source, you can benefit from Viash Pro Support to aid in Viash Hub with Viash pipeline creation, as well as the reuse of existing pipelines. Furthermore, the option to maintain pipelines locally for enhanced privacy is available.
If you require a private Viash Hub platform to safeguard your computational research, consider our cloud-based option. We offer exclusive access through a private link to your dedicated platform hosted in our secure cloud center, along with ongoing support.
The most secure approach to safeguard your intellectual property is to host an on-premises platform. We provide a Kubernetes-based solution within your own environment, coupled with continuous support.
viashhub public private

There are a few key elements that have triggered us to work with Viash rather than sticking to commercial platforms: 1. Viash is based on the premise that all workflows are built up from modular building blocks that contain a specific functionality that inherently captures some scientific knowledge. 2. It provides a toolkit for computational biologist to write building blocks that is independent of the system in which the workflow will be deployed. 3. It is open source, thus allowing collaboration with academic partners

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