Encapsulate all knowledge, tools, scripts, and operations into a single, easily usable and integrable modular building block for pipeline integration solving all dependencies.

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From Dependency Hell to Standalone Executables.

Viash®: Modular Executables

Encapsulate all knowledge, tools, scripts, and operations into a single, easily usable and integrable modular building block.

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Modular Building Block

Enhance collaboration across projects and teams by allowing developers to encapsulate functionality into modular building blocks that can be used as standalone workflows or be seamlessly integrated into larger workflows.

Reproducible & Scalable

Viash ensures that bioinformatics tools are scalable and reproducible by facilitating and automating the creation of version-controlled Docker(2) containers and Nexflow modules from your components

Efficient Resource Allocation

Optimise resource allocation by separation of concerns between research and operational tasks. This ensures researchers can focus on innovation while operational teams manage workflow execution.

Automate Best Practices

Viash uses code-generation to automate best practices in workflow development such as containerisation, release management, unit testing, and standardised input/output handling.



Developers Advantages_
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Viash adapts your scripts into language and version agnostic modular building blocks. All modular building blocks can be used in a data pipeline.
Every Module built by Viash is independently executable and automatically comes with an intuitive CLI and help. This includes command-line arguments, type-checking, checking of required parameters and ensuring the existence of required input files.
With Viash, a scientist can concentrate on crafting their script/tool, while Viash takes care of generating the pipeline module. There’s no need for specialized knowledge of Docker or Nextflow, Viash automatically creates all necessary code and containers based on your requirements outlined in a configuration file.
Featuring built-in interfaces for data inputs and outputs, Viash simplifies the process of connecting modules in a pipeline. All you need to do is specify your data input and output requirements in a configuration file and then build the module.
Every pipeline, consisting of multiple modules that you create, maintains a form factor similar to that of an individual pipeline module. This design allows each pipeline to be easily reused as a component in other workflows, enhancing both modularity and efficiency.
Viash building blocks are scalable.
Viash generates Nextflow(1)  modules from your component to create portable and scalable data pipeline modules that run platform-independently.
Viash building blocks are designed to be reproducible.
A custom Docker(2)  container is automatically generated based on your dependencies described in your metadata and all code runs in this container.

Bioinformatics Open Source Pipelines using Viash

There are a few key elements that have triggered us to work with Viash rather than sticking to commercial platforms: 1) Viash is based on the premise that all workflows are built up from modular building blocks that contain a specific functionality that inherently captures some scientific knowledge. 2) It provides a toolkit for computational biologist to write building blocks that is independent of the system in which the workflow will be deployed. 3) It is open source, thus allowing collaboration with academic partners

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  • (1) “Nextflow” is a registered trademark of Seqera Labs, S.L.
  • (2) “Docker” is a registered trademark of Docker, Inc.
  • (3) The current version of Viash is capable of creating Docker images and Nextflow modules. Looking ahead, we plan to expand suport to include additional container technologies and other workflow platform

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