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Efficient Computational Knowledge Management

Viash Hub:
Central Workflow Repository

Discover a platform designed to enhance your research efficiency and collaboration. Seamlessly develop, create, share, and reuse modular data workflows to accelerate scientific breakthroughs.

Available end 2024

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Manage Knowledge

Viash Hub is a system designed to streamline the management of standardized workflow building blocks, offering comprehensive support for users at all levels, from researchers and developers to managers, in the field of computational knowledge management.

Central Repository

Viash Hub centralizes computational R&D knowledge. It addresses traditional workflow management challenges, providing features like modular workflow building, linked version control, CI/CD and powerful search capabilities.


Viash Hub facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration between all platforms, fostering secure collaboration between academia and industry.

Open Source

The Open Viash Hub workflow collection available on the internet is built on the foundation of open source. Every tool you'll find here is open source and community-driven development.

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Developers Advantages_

Viash Hub provides a centralized platform for storing and managing scripts and data pipelines in the form of standardized execuatable building blocks, including the source code, ensuring easy accessibility for the entire team.
Using the workflow packages from the command line is as straightforward as installing any other package. Simply input the relevant commands and the system will take care of the rest, making it a user-friendly experience even for those not deeply familiar with IT systems.
Viash Hub encourages collaboration among team members and across organizations, industry and academia by allowing shared (controlled) access and fostering seamless interaction.
Viash Hub provides features for documenting workflows, such as annotations, comments, and descriptions, to promote a better understanding and efficient knowledge sharing. Modular building blocks are almost automatically documented using the building block’s configuration file.
Linked versioning is a sophisticated version control system that enables the tracking of module versions within a versioned workflow, allowing for effortless tracking of modifications to individual elements within an existing pipeline.
CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) for data workflows involves automating the process of testing, integrating, and deploying changes to data pipelines or changes to individual modules in a pipeline, ensuring faster, more reliable, and efficient delivery of data-driven solutions.
Viash Hub facilitates the sharing of workflows, building blocks, and source code among different projects and teams. This fosters knowledge sharing and promotes the reuse of effective workflows.
Viash Hub offers powerful search and discovery capabilities, allowing users to swiftly locate relevant workflows, components, or research insights within the repository.

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