Expertise in bioinformatics, clear communication, and a commitment to quality define our approach, ensuring sustainable, long-term solutions for your project’s success.

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Bioinformatics Services

Expertise in bioinformatics, clear communication, and a commitment to quality define our approach, ensuring sustainable, long-term solutions for your project's success.

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While we value every opportunity, we selectively engage in projects that align with our specialized expertise in bioinformatics. By thoroughly understanding your objectives, our senior data scientists design solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Every project is a collaboration between our experts and you. Together, we tackle intricate challenges, ensuring that we offer the right solutions specifically suited for your project’s long-term success.


Clear and transparent communication is a cornerstone of our consultancy. We maintain open channels of communication throughout the project lifecycle, employing regular meetings, updates, and accessible collaboration tools to foster trust and fruitful relationships.

Your questions and feedback are always welcomed, and clarity is our priority.

Collaboration and Communication

Long Term Solutions

In the ever-evolving biotech IT landscape, quick fixes often fall short. Recognizing this, our focus lies in developing long-term, sustainable solutions that address the present and prepare for future research.

Quality As Standard

We hold our work to the highest standards. Every piece of code we develop is not only of high quality but is also backed by thorough documentation and ongoing support_. This is more than a commitment; it's a fundamental aspect of our company culture, ensuring that every solution we provide is something we can be proud of.

Long Term Solutions

Your strategic partner for innovative, sustainable solutions in bioinformatics

Modular data workflow development
  • Accelerate your data-driven research with our consultancy service for biotech data workflow development.
  • Our expert team are computational biologists with high IT expertise providing customized solutions, training, and ongoing support to optimize your research and discovery processes and empower your scientists to concentrate on their research by reducing IT overhead.
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Computational knowledge management
  • Use Viash Hub, a centralized repository of computational research scripts, pipeline modules and versions, creating a documented overview that facilitates collaboration, reuse, and development processes.
  • Discover our consultancy service, which leverages collaboration, thorough documentation, pipeline versioning, overview, and knowledge sharing for R&D efficiency.
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Benchmarking Services
  • Explore our benchmarking services, offering comprehensive performance assessments of data workflows and pipelines. These services provide critical insights into efficiency, scalability, and reliability, enhancing your computational research and development strategies.
  • This service fosters innovation through collaborative problem-solving, integrating diverse expertise to find effective, cutting-edge solutions in bioinformatics and data science.
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Data Workflow Process and infrastructure
  • Covering all stages of the data pipeline process from development to operations and providing guidance to help clients succeed in their field.
  • We are experts in the combination of Nextflow & Kubernetes.
Data Analyses and Interpretation
  • Analyzing and interpreting various types of data, including genomics, proteomics, and clinical data in order to extract meaningful insight.
  • Developing and creating custom data models and databases that meet the specific needs of our biotech clients.
Data Science Services
  • We offer expert guidance in advanced analytics, machine learning, and statistical modeling, ensuring precision and depth in your research endeavors.
  • Our expertise in predictive modeling, data visualization, and algorithm development empowers your team to unlock new insights and drive innovation in your field.

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