Fundamentals of Pipeline Development


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This course covers the basics of Viash & Nextflow (VDSL3), teaching you to streamline data science workflows, create, run, and share workflows, and integrate Viash with various tools and platforms.

Target Audience:

  • Computational Researchers
  • Bioinformaticians
  • IT Developers



Course Overview

Module 1: Introduction to Data Pipelines in Biotechnology

  • Basics of Data Pipelines
  • Challenges in Pipeline Development

Module 2: Getting Started with Viash

  • Overview of Viash
  • Installing and Configuring Viash

Module 3: Building Pipelines with Viash

  • Creating Basic Pipelines
  • Advanced Pipeline Features
  • Debugging and Optimization

Module 4: Integration and Deployment

  • Integrating with Workflow Managers
  • Pipeline Version Control and Management
  • Deployment Strategies

Module 5: Advanced Topics and Case Studies

  • Automating and Scaling Pipelines
  • Real-world Applications


  • Impart comprehensive knowledge about data pipeline development in the context of bioinformatics.
  • Provide hands-on experience in creating, managing, and optimizing pipelines using Viash.
  • Showcase the integration of Viash pipelines with other tools and platforms, enhancing functionality and usability.

Required skills

  • Participants should have a foundational understanding of bioinformatics and data analysis, along with basic knowledge of scripting languages. Familiarity with the concepts of data pipelines is advantageous but not mandatory.


Upon completing this course, participants will be adept at developing and managing efficient and scalable data pipelines using Viash. They will gain practical skills and insights into advanced pipeline development strategies, preparing them to tackle complex data processing challenges in their respective fields of research. This course is a step towards empowering researchers and professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to innovate and excel in the dynamic landscape of bioinformatic data processing.


  • Robrecht Cannoodt
  • Toni Verbeiren


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